We take tenant security seriously at Pay4Property which is why we install patented security locks on all our external doors and windows and bedroom doors.

Whilst no lock can guarantee you won’t be burgled, by installing patented locks which meet or exceed the current British Standards we make it as difficult as possible for anybody but the most determined thief to gain access.

All our door locks have thumb turns on the inside which mean that you can always get out quickly without a key in the event of an emergency.

Ways to keep the house and your stuff safe

  • Always lock the front door behind you when going in or out of the property and NEVER leave windows open in unattended rooms
  • Don’t hide spare keys outside under mats or flower pots – these are the first places where thieves will look
  • Don’t let anyone into the property that you don’t know or aren’t aware was coming round
  • Keep your room locked when you leave it unattended – make sure your bedroom window is also locked
  • Keep your valuables out of sight – do not leave any money, bank cards, ID cards or keys lying around
  • Take out insurance for all your personal belongings – these are not covered by the Landlord’s insurance
  • If you have a car outside of the property, make sure it’s locked and that you’ve taken out any valuable items
  • If you use a bike, invest a bit of money into a proper D-lock and use it any time you aren’t using your bike

  • Lock those windows

    An open window is an easy way for a thief to gain access and if they get in through an insecure window your insurance company will usually refuse to pay out so you could be landed with a large bill.

    If you open a window in a shared room like a bathroom, kitchen or living room ALWAYS make sure you fully close it and lock it before you leave, don’t expect somebody else to do it for you! Leaving windows open, even a bit, not only presents a security risk they also waste a lot of heat and can generate unpleasant draughts through the whole house.

    If you open a window in your bedroom (and we recommend you do for a few minutes every day) then ALWAYS close and lock it before you leave. If you want to sleep with a window open then most of our UPVC windows allow the window to be locked slightly open and for your security we recommend you do this. If you’re leaving the room however you should NEVER leave the window in this slightly open position because it’s still much easier for a thief to break in and you won’t be insured unless the windows is fully closed and locked.