Shower Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your shower takes very little time if done regularly and helps maintain a healthy enjoyable experience and can avoid potentially serious problems.  If it’s a shared shower then you need to ensure that it’s clean and free from hair after each use so it’s ready for the next tenant to use.

Cleaning the tiled walls and glass screen / door

For ensuite showers we suggest that you clean the shower walls and glass screen door at least once a week.  This helps prevent the build up of unsightly limescale and unhealthy black mould.  Shower cleaning spray is readily available from supermarkets and generally you just need to spray this on the walls and glass sides, wait a few minutes and then rinse it off with the shower.  You can use a sponge or cloth for more stubourn cleaning but NEVER use anything abrasive like a pan scrub as this will cause damage.


Cleaning the drain

It is VERY important that you keep the drain free of hair and other debris as this can result in a blockage and flooding which can be very serious.  We recommend that you clean hair from the shower drain whenever you see it or at least monthly.  If you have long hair this will build up more quickly in the drain.  If you see water starting to build up in the tray when you shower then it’s time to clean the drain!

Look at what type of drain you have to determine how it should be cleaned  :

Shower Maintenance

Gently pull up the large silver cover at both sides until it releases then you can just lift it fully out.  Look at the under side of this cover and clean any debris.

There will be a plastic container full of water still in the drain which you can just lift out and empty.  Clean any debris from the container and the well below.

Put the container back into the well then put the silver cover back pushing it down gently so it is fixed in place.




Pull the middle grid directly up to remove it.  You may need pliers or a wire coat hanger to do this.

If there is a plastic “handle” inside then turn this anti-clockwise to release then lift out and clean any debris.  You may find us easier to use the coathanger to clean out the debris.

Re-insert the plastic middle and turn clockwise to lock then replace the silver grid and push down to fix.

Small shower drain



Always avoid pulling anything too hard or you may break it.  If you need help with cleaning the drain then please contact your landlord who will be happy to come and show you how to do it.